Buy a license from a different device?

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Buy a license from a different device?


I want to buy a license for my Shield TV so I can connect my Xbox controller adapter. Now the Shield tv doesn't have a browser and even though I installed one on mine, I want to buy through a different device because doing so on the Shield simply is a pain in the ass.

Now I noticed that the serial you get on the purchase page is different per device. So if I buy the license from lets say my phone, can I still enter the serial on my Shield TV? Surely this process should be A) documented on the site and B) certainly can (and should) be a lot more consumer friendly.

Second, I assume the Windows client will not find the Android server until a license is purchased? The website doesn't really offer any useful information on what does or does not work without a license. But the Windows client isn't seeing my Shield TV so I have no clue if this will actually work. It would be nice if it would show the server but simply tell me to buy a license before I can use it (and then allow me to buy the license from my pc...)

I'm sure the software itself works great and I'm looking forward to using it but the website really needs to be a lot clearer.


You are making things too complicated :)

1. Just install the android app

2. Dowload and run the virtualhere client 5.0.1 from here

(Make sure to use 5.0.1 as there was a bug finding android in 5.0.0)

3. They should automatically find each other, right click on the XBox Acc Dongle and select use in the virtualhere client

4. You might need to then pair the controller

5. You have 4 tries for the app trial with no need to purchase. If you need more tries just uninstall/reinstall the android app for more free tries

6. If you like it you should purchase it

Thanks for the reply Michael.

Thanks for the reply Michael. For some reason the Windows client isn't auto discovering for me hence the confusion. I've set a static lease on my Shield TV and manually added that to VirtualHere and now its working. Works really good as well so will purchase.

Any hint as to what might prevent to client from discovering the server?


OK I think there is still a bug (i was trying to get rid of requiring apple bonjour for auto-find last week) but i think i broke something.

So I have restored auto-find functionality as before using Apple Bonjour, could you download it again from here

You can remove the static address you put in, by right clicking USB Hubs->Specify Hubs and removing the IP address you specified.

Make sure to check Auto-Find aswell if its not already

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