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cannot start device

I sent this in via email but then thought that might not be the right media for support.

I've recently switched from the QNAP Server to the Windows Server. At the present time I'm using three devices. A USB 2 flash drive, a 1TB USB3 HDD and a 4TB Seagate Portable HDD.

The first two work fine but the 4TB drive shows. The following error in the eventlog.

:Cannot capture device USB\VID_0BC2&PID_AB28\MSFT30NA7P19PB because it is of class SCSIAdapter

I've tried moving it to a USB2 port which shows the same issue.

Use a usb 2.0 hub between the

Use a usb 2.0 hub between the drive and the server as bulk streaming is not supported by virtualhere at the moment

I've put a USB 2.0 Hub

I've put a USB 2.0 Hub between the device and the server. That USB 2.0 hub is on a USB 2.0 port and I still get the same issue.

OK thats strange, i dont

OK thats strange, i dont think virtualhere will be compatible with that drive unfortunately.

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