Can't connect to Robo R1 Plus

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Can't connect to Robo R1 Plus

Can't connect to Robo R1 Plus

Using my QNAP TS-453A, I can see the Robo 3D printer on my Mac via VirtualHere. Unfortunately, the MatterControl software by the vendor does not see it.

Any suggestions?


You must use 10.8.5/10.9.5/10

You must use 10.8.5/10.9.5/10.10 or 10.12.1 osx, if you are using 10.11 it will not work.

I am using 10.12.1 macOS

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the fast reply. I'm really excited about VirtualHere! Buying my QNAP is turning out to be such a great decision, thanks to products like VH. Unfortunately, the client does not work in 10.12.1 beta 3. Since you know that the app will work again in 10.12.1, is it possible that the code sees that this is a (public) beta the software determines it is not a good version to run in?

If so, is there a way to work around that since it is very likely that the changes in 10.12.1 are already in place? It's my understanding from our Apple developer forums that we're simply looking for bugs and 10.12.1 is otherwise (basically) the same thing that will be released shortly.

Thanks in advance for your time - I respect the time of developers and support teams so I wouldn't have asked without first investigating any known issues. I definitely should've detailed that, but as you can see from the time stamp, it was very late when I posted the question. I've already purchased (the unlimited client version as we have 4 machines and soon will have a 5th).

All the best,

I took a look at that

I took a look at that software and it seems it just connects using a simple serial port connection which virtualhere should support ok.

Can you do this:

1. Plug the printer into the qnap
2. Start the virtualhere client
3. Right click USB Hubs->Debug Mode
4. Right click on the printer and select "Use"
5. After a few seconds right click and select 'Stop Using"
6. Right click USB Hubs->Debug mode to uncheck it
7. email me that file to


I will get this done ASAP and send to you. Thanks for the great support!


Empty log file

Hi Michael -

The log file was 0 bytes. I tried leaving the printer in "Use" mode for longer and also got a 0 byte file.

Any further thoughts/suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

OK, sorry i just realized

OK, sorry i just realized apple has removed syslog support from osx sierra as well as driver logging...quite inconvenient!

Im not sure how to figure out this issue at the moment in osx, you might need to use windows for the client for the time being

Did some more tests with osx

Did some more tests with osx sierra, for an FTDI serial device (probably what your robo 3d uses) it didnt work, but i think its the ftdi driver.
If its prolific in the robo3d then try the latest prolific driver for 10.12

(I tried the ftdi serial via virtualhere in 10.10 and it was fine but 10.12.1 failed to load the ftdi driver)

I think for the time being windows would be best for this until osx sierra is officially released and has confirmed serial working...

Thanks again!

I appreciate all the help. I'll try using it with Windows for now and see how that goes. We've temporarily placed an older MacBook in the 3D printer room so it can drive all prints for now.

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