Can't connect to USB Flash Drive, but can to other USB devices

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Can't connect to USB Flash Drive, but can to other USB devices

I am trying a simple setup, 1 client and one server.

Server: Windows 10 v2004 x64 Home; VirtualHere Server 4.1.8
Client: Windows 10 v2004 x64 Pro; VirtualHere Client 5.0.5

I changed firewall rules so client and server can see each other via Bonjour; client enumerates USB devices on the server. Client can see the following:
- USB Mouse
- USB Keyboard
- USB Speaker
- USB Flash Drive

Client can connect and successfully use all of the above EXCEPT the Flash Drive. It connects, Server shows the device is bound to the client but instead of getting message stating a drive letter assignment, I get a message saying:
USB device not recognized
The last USB device you connected
to this computer malfunctioned, and
Windows does not recognize it

When I look at Windows Device Manager, I see a device listed as follows:
Unknown USB Device (Invalid Device Descriptor)

I have tried 3 different USB flash drives and 2 different USB slots on the server with the same results. Again, the other USB devices noted from the server can be attached and used with no problem.

Anyone have any thoughts?


What model of flash drive is it? Is it one of those flash drives that are encrypted and appear as two devices when plugged in?


No, I've tried 3 different drives, 3 different manufacturers, in 3 different USB ports on the server. Same results. Drives are all standard, non-secure. Standard drives with MBR and FAT32 formatting.


Update - one of them works sometime. Can't figure out what might trigger it to work or not.


I gave it a test between my 2 win10 2004 machines with no issue. So im thinking it might be something specifically installed on your server. E.g like some sort of security program.

On the server, could you open up windows device manager and find the usb flash disk in the Universal Serial Bus Controller section and right click on it, properties->Driver Tab->Driver Details and what files does it have listed there


I can add some more information about the server machine:
This machine is an HP desktop, about 7 years old
The machine has two USB 3 ports in front, and six USB ports in back: four are USB 2; two are USB 3

Of the three drives:
Two of the drives will work if connected to the USB 2 ports in the back, but will not work in any USB 3 port
One of the drives will work in any of the USB 2 ports in the back or the USB 3 ports in the back; it will not work with either of the USB 3 ports in front

So I'm guessing that you have a weird interaction with the high speed USB 3 controllers on this box?

What information can I give you to help troubleshoot further:

PC home page:

Basic Motherboard specs:

More detailed motherboard specs:

Hope that helps!


I remember from a few years ago that AMD USB 3 host controllers required a "filter" which caused a some problems. That was under win7 so i would have thought it was a sovled issue for win10 but maybe that filter is still causing an issue.
I was hoping you could do what i said in #5 to see if a filter is still installed. If it was installed, uninstall it and see if that fixes it (and doesn't stop the USB ports from working) or maybe there is some update from amd for that motherboard bios so it works without a filter.

If the filter is not there then im not sure of the issue, it probably just wont work and i would try to use a newer pc if you can


For my purposes, I can just use the USB 2 ports, but if you want to investigate further, I’m happy to help. For what it’s worth, here’s the hierarchy of devices and drivers for each. I don’t see anything that looks like a Filter Driver.

AMD USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller – 0.96 (Microsoft)
----- USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)
-------USB Mass Storage Device
--------Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 USB Device

Drivers for each layer:

AMD USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller – 0.96 (Microsoft)

USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)

USB Mass Storage Device

Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 USB Device

Let me know if you want to investigate further, but if not, thanks for your time to date.


Yeah im not sure of the issue. Just use some other computer as the server instead.

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