Can't Load client as Windows Service

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Can't Load client as Windows Service

Have the latest server on RPI and latest client. All works well but when I try to load the client as a service, I get an error:

Virtual Here Client USB Sharing service StartService failed, error 5 (Acess is denied). Have tried it as Administrator but I get the same error. Thanks.


Run the client from the C: drive. If you run it from a network drive and attempt to install/use it as a service it will like have a access denied issue

Uninstall the service like this

vhui64.exe -u then copy to the c drive then attempt to install the service again either by running vhui64.exe -i or by selecting USB Hubs->Install as Service

Same problem

I have the same problem, whether the installation was done from c: or from app, it's the same in administrator mode.

Install it's ok

I first uninstalled with "vhui64.exe -u" and reinstalled with "vhui64.exe -i".
I didn't know this service had already installed, the command always failed.
thanks for solution.

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