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Centos 6.4


I'm trying to have virtualhere running between a Jetson Nano and a machine running Centos 6.4.
Unfortunately I have no option to upgrade my Centos 6.4.

The Jetson Nano acts as the server, everything runs fine with it, I can share with recent OS client.

I have managed to install usbip modules on the Centos6.4 machine, the console client runs.
When I'm running "vhcclient -t use,..." to take the mouse on the server, vhcclient exits with "OK" and the mouse is not active on the server, but nothing happens on the client when I move the mouse.
When I run "vhcclient -t stop using,...", vhcclient exits with "OK", then I get a "kernel: vhci_hcd: not connected 4" in /var/log/messages

I don't see any error message anywhere,.

Do you have an idea on how to have it running ?

kernel is 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.x86_64



No 2.6.32 is too buggy to work well as a usb client.

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