Client Admin Mode and Disconnect User

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Client Admin Mode and Disconnect User

unfortunately I noticed that the confirmation dialog before kicking a user off a device (introduced in 5.0.6) was removed in version 5.1.5.

For us this was a great improvement, because often an user accidentally kicks another user by double klick (sometimes they slip or dont see that the device is in use).
I hope you can reintroduce this behavior.
Maybe it is possible to add an 'diconnect from user'-function with confirmation in non-admin mode or to disable/enable confirmation in the settings.

thanks in advance

Hello. We would also be very

Hello. We would also be very helpful if you return the confirmation window


OK i shall add this setting to the Advanced Settings...-> General Tab -> (Require Confirmation on Kick) in a build of the client in the near future


This popup is now optional in 5.1.9 . Download 5.1.9 now available from this website. On the "Are you sure?" dialog just select "Yes, never prompt"

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