Connecting iOS Devices through NAS/Windows Servers

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Connecting iOS Devices through NAS/Windows Servers

Currently, we have a set up of a NAS, Windows Server and OSX server as a VirtualHere server.
As of now, the VirtualHere client on a Mac mini can only connect to the iOS devices currently physically connected to the OSX server.

However, when we tried to plug in an older iPod touch of iOS 10.4 to the NAS server, we are able to detect it through VirtualHere but it does not work on newer devices of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, iOS > 11.0.

May I check with you is this the correct observation of the behaviour of iOS devices on VirtualHere? Also if I connect the device through a USB hub and then to a OSX server, the client Mac mini is unable to connect it, but it still works for the iPod.

May I ask for the recommended way then, in terms of a set up to connect multiple iOS devices to a Mac machine?

Our current solution is to make a Linux client connect to all the iOS devices over the network but this way we are unable to carry out the tests on the Mac mini machine.

Please advise!


Yes apple have changed something in iOS 11 that requires the physical iDevice be plugged into a real OSX machine when using the OSX VirtualHere client. So only the virtualhere server for OSX will work with iOS 11 at this current time with the VirtualHere OSX Client.


You can plug in an iDevice any version into linux/windows/osx server and use the iDevice on a VirtualHere Windows Client

Regarding requiring a hub. This is the first i have heard of this, im guessing you probably tried a few different hubs to see if its the hub? Im not sure of this issue otherwise. It might be one of those Apple limitations they have put in

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