Error using this device? Logitech

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Error using this device? Logitech


I'm on a trial period so brand new here, I want to buy this product but it seems I can't get it to work properly.
First time I tried it I was able to use the USB but after a computer restart it promts me with a "Error using this device"

Here is the log, im trying to use the Logitech Driving Force Pro

2021-01-08 13:31:28 INFO :Connection 4 successfully removed (reason:server shutdown)
2021-01-08 13:31:29 INFO :Unmanaging device 1 [138a:003d]
2021-01-08 13:31:29 INFO :Unmanaging device 3 [1bcf:2c03]
2021-01-08 13:31:29 INFO :Unmanaging device 9 [046d:c52b]
2021-01-08 13:31:29 INFO :Unmanaging device 12 [0a5c:21e1]
2021-01-08 13:31:29 INFO :Unmanaging device 11 [046d:c298]
2021-01-08 13:31:30 INFO :Listening on all network interfaces at TCP port 7575 (IPv6 dual-stack)
2021-01-08 13:31:33 INFO :Tickled device USB\VID_138A&PID_003D\00B0E6C1E98F when getting prod/vend strings
2021-01-08 13:31:34 INFO :Tickled device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E1\1C3E84FA06CB when getting prod/vend strings
2021-01-08 13:31:34 INFO :Found Full speed device [138a:003d] "0x138a, 0x003d" at address 1
2021-01-08 13:31:34 INFO :Found High speed device [1bcf:2c03] "DCQEA029I4U2EE, HP HD Webcam [Fixed]" at address 3
2021-01-08 13:31:34 INFO :Found Full speed device [046d:c52b] "Logitech, USB Receiver" at address 9
2021-01-08 13:31:34 INFO :Found Low speed device [046d:c298] "Logitech, Logitech Driving Force Pro" at address 11
2021-01-08 13:31:34 INFO :Found Full speed device [0a5c:21e1] "Broadcom Corp, BCM20702A0" at address 12
2021-01-08 13:31:40 INFO : connected as connection 7
2021-01-08 13:31:48 INFO :Connection 7 remotely disconnected gracefully (rx msg size)
2021-01-08 13:31:59 INFO :Connection 7 successfully removed (reason:timeout)
2021-01-08 13:32:06 INFO : connected as connection 8
2021-01-08 13:32:21 ERROR :CreateFile failed while completing capture of device USB\VID_8087&PID_0024\5&3A175AD2&0&1,USB\VID_046D&PID_C298\6&20482ECD&0&6,6, Det går inte att hitta filen. (0x00000002)
2021-01-08 13:32:22 ERROR :Error binding device 11 [046d:c298] to connection 8, BIND_ERROR

Appears to be the same with a

Appears to be the same with a bluetooth dongle Asus BT400 Dongle
on client I get Error using this device

I've used the search function but I haven't found anything regarding this issue, the client doesn't have bluetooth so it should take the usb dongle.
I want my client to get the DS4 controller from the server


Hi, in the virtualhere client right click on the Bluetooth Dongle and select Custom Event Handler... and paste in exactly this line:


then press OK. Unplug/replug the dongle then try to use it via virtualhere again. Does it work ok now?

I tried that, still gives me

I tried that, still gives me the error.
Is it the bt400 thats not supported? The server is running on windows 10 Dell laptop and the client is my gaming pc.
Laptop has the internal Bluetooth disabled in bios, client doesnt have Bluetooth.

Any more ideas? Thanks!


Stop and exit the virtualhere server then download and try this server instead

That fixed the issue, however

That fixed the issue, however I'm unsure my use case is right for this, I'm wanting to pass over the ds4 controller to the client.
Do I need a pi with steam to do this? I'm unsure if I'm going about this the right way?



It should work ok. (

1. Run the VirtualHere server where the Bluetooth dongle is physically plugged in
2. Run the virtualhere client where you want to remotely use the Bluetooth dongle e.g on a cloud gaming PC
3. Use the Bluetooth dongle via virtualhere and it will be available for use on the cloud gaming PC.
4. Now on the cloud PC sync your controller using Bluetooth like you normally would if your Bluetooth was on the local PC.

Wow, thanks alot for the help

Wow, thanks alot for the help - this worked out well. This is some next level stuff :) amazing!
I've bought VirtualHere through steam but to my understanding it's not the same software? I've noticed its much more expensive here. Do I need both to be able to use this software?

This works well for me so I don't want to be on trial anymore, thanks alot for helping me out.

Best regards


On steam it is cheaper because it only works on the steamlink or on the steam android app. If you are using the windows virtualhere server you need a license from this website.

Allright, thanks alot! If I

Allright, thanks alot! If I buy this product for windows, can I use multiple PC's like I can with steam? It would be the same client just different servers.

Another question I have is regarding bluetooth, if I plug two USB bluetooth dongles into the server and only share one of them, is one of them available to use on the server locally? what I mean is, one bluetooth dongle is shared over the network and the other one stays active on the windows server.

Thanks alot!


No you cant use the server license on multiple devices, only one.

Windows *only* supports one bluetooth controller at a time. But you can use virtualhere to send one bluetooth over the network and use the other one locally. Lots of gamers do this.

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