Error when USE'ing device

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Error when USE'ing device

I've got the USB Server running on a Windows Server 2016 machine. Now I'm trying to connect the USB device on that machine through a Linux Docker.

A LIST command returns the following:
root@abee3786a7cd:/usr/src/app# ./vhclientx86_64 -t 'LIST'
VirtualHere Client IPC, below are the available devices:
(Value in brackets = address, * = Auto-Use)
Windows Hub (SERVER-I:7575)
--> 0x0200 (SERVER-I.1)
Auto-Find currently on
Auto-Use All currently off
Reverse Lookup currently off
VirtualHere Client not running as a service

When I perform a ./vhclientx86_64 -t 'USE,SERVER-I.1' I do get an OK response. However, nothing is mounted, and if I look into the logs of the client I see the following:
16:19:00 INFO :VirtualHere Client 4.0.7 starting (Compiled: Apr 26 2017 23:00:57)
16:19:00 INFO :Using config at /root/.vhui
16:19:00 INFO :Administrator mode
16:19:00 INFO :IPC available at /tmp/vhclient
16:19:00 INFO :Auto-find using Bonjour - on
16:19:00 INFO :Auto-find using Bonjour SSL - on
16:19:00 INFO :VirtualHere USB Server Trial Edition ()
16:19:15 ERROR :Open error 30 while attaching device to the virtual host controller
16:19:15 ERROR :Error attaching remote device 1 to vhci_hcd virtual port 0

If I look at the logs on the server side, I can see the following:
2017-05-06 16:28:38 INFO :Device 1 [0658:0200] BOUND to connection 9
2017-05-06 16:28:40 INFO :Device 1 [0658:0200] UNBOUND from connection 9

So it seems like the server is not the problem here. Any idea's what this could be?

On the client Docker are no other USB devices present, so there should be a port available to use. The administrator mode was an effort on my side to rule out any elevation problems.


Error 30 means cannot open /sys/devices/platform/vhci_hcd/attach for writing because its on a read-only file system. You need to make sys writable. Its an odd error to have , ive never seen this error before but i think you have built rootfs for your docker image as read-only?

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