Games aren't registering input while streaming via Moonlight

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Games aren't registering input while streaming via Moonlight

I am trying to use VirtualHere with an Xbox One wireless adapter on a Chromecast w/ Google TV while streaming games via Moonlight/GeForce Experience. While streaming the desktop, my controller inputs are sent to the PC and I can move my mouse around and click things no problem. Once in a game, however, it appears that any actual controller inputs (joystick, face buttons, etc) aren't being registered. I can hit the Guide button to open the Steam overlay, at which point I can navigate with the joystick and face buttons, and the pop-up appears in the bottom-right saying my controller config was loaded, but the game itself just won't register any controller inputs. This does not happen with Steam Link, but the quality of the stream itself is nearly unplayable compared to Moonlight. Launching Steam Big Picture through Moonlight doesn't fix it either. I asked about this on the Moonlight Stream Discord, but have yet to receive a response, so I am not 100% sure if this is a VH issue or a Moonlight issue, but I figured I would bring it to your attention anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Found workaround

This workaround which involves streaming the desktop before launching the game appears to fix my issue:
However, despite the theory presented in this thread, my issue persists whether or not it's a Steam game that is being launched, so I'm not sure if Steam is entirely to blame for this weird input issue. I figured I would post this finding in case you wanted to investigate it further.

Fixed the issue

I found a better fix which allows you to launch the games directly again. The problem stems from the virtual controller that Nvidia enables when starting a stream. I believe this "controller" is forcing itself to be player 1, which leaves the VH controller as player 2 and thus unable to control anything. I found a thread where someone shares a method to disable this virtual controller, and doing so has allowed my Xbox One controller to work as player 1 again. The fix needs to applied every time there's an update to GeForce Experience, as it involes re-naming some dll files, but it works. Not sure if this is something that can be fixed on your end, but hopefully anyone else having this issue will come across this thread for the fix.


Ok thanks for the info manic20 that might be useful for others as well...

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