Geovision GV-Series USB Protector issue

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Geovision GV-Series USB Protector issue

I'm having an odd issue when connecting to a Geovision GV-Series USB Protector key using Virtualhere. When the device is selected for use, it shows up in device manager with an error code 10, The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device. If I disable the device in device manager and re-enable it, it then works fine. Running the latest 5.0.2 client on Windows Server 2016, and server version on a QNAP TS432XU-RP.

Any suggestions for how to correct this would be greatly appreciated. It's really frustrating having to make sure to manually login after a reboot to futz with the device everytime on what is intended to be an unattended system.


Ok thats interesting could you try this

1. Make sure you have the latest drivers from Geovision

2. Could you right click on the dongle and select Custom Event Handler... and enter


then press ok

3. Physically unplug/replug dongle

Now try it again and see if it works ok

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