How to use on Mac?

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How to use on Mac?

I added the VH server on Synology NAS a couple weeks ago when I was first setting it all up. I moved some external drives over there today and wanted to try the client.
Well, the trial was already timed out, so I've paid $50 to 'test' this now :-)

I am a bit new to Mac and NAS, so maybe I am just missing something.
I don't see *anything* on the Mac client after attaching to the drives.
I was getting Premature Disconnect messages from the server, so I know it did something over there.
I've looked in Finder under "MacOS", "My MacBook Pro" (where all the other mounts are shown), etc... And I did a search on "This Mac" for some files that would be on those drives...
in Terminal, `ls /Volumes` doesn't show anything new.
I looked around at properties and permissions of the external drives on the NAS....
I have rebooted the client....

Did I miss a step? :-)

MocBook Pro 2019... Was on 12.3... Just this minute updated to 12.4.
Synology 1621+ running latest 7.1.x DSM and latest VH Server.
i.e. [DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3], [VH 4.3.2-1432]


Could you tell me the model/brand of the external usb drives you are attempting to use via virtualhere?

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