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IPC error

Hi all,

Without any change to my configuration, this morning, I was not able to connect to my VirtualHere server using the VirtualHere Client on my linux machine (CentOS 8 ).

I keep having this kind of error when running any command (as simple as ./vhclient -t "LIST") :

> ERROR: Unknown IPC request

Any idea ? It's really frustrating because everything was working fine before ..



I found a solution :

I found a solution :

Delete the following files and folders in /tmp :
- vhclient
- vhclient_ipc
- vhclient_response

Restart the client and everything works fine,

However, I don't know why ..



Ok it sounds like the client daemon might have crashed. If it happens again, grep vhclient /var/log/syslog and see if it shows any crash there.

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