Joystick saitek x52 Pro

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Joystick saitek x52 Pro


I use VirtualHere to use a joystick connected to my Mac with which I play remotely on my PC.

My PC can see the joystick and when I click on "use this device" no error message, everything is fine.

But unfortunately the joystick does not work. If I connect the joystick to the PC it works fine.

I use the latest versions of VirtualHere and my joystick is a saitek x52 pro.

Do you have an idea / solution?
Thank you.


From memory the saitek's dont like a reset sent to them, unfortunately we dont have that control in OSX. Only in linux. If you have a linux machine (or e.g a raspberry pi) then it would be worth running virtualhere server on that instead and there might be more chance of it working.

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