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License model

I'm not trying to criticize or even influence your choice of how you're licensing (I realize there may be a lot going on I'm completely unaware of). Just offering a perspective from one hobbiest user:

I have various microelectronics hobbies and I've also recently been into MSFS 2020. I'm doing some remote stuff with it and Virtualhere was a good fit to get something hooked up via a raspberry pi. Great software. I also have a little keypad and was thinking I'd check that out too using Virtualhere. That also worked well. Then I was thinking, well - I'm not sure I really intend to use this little keypad, but maybe I'll just buy a license in case for later. The $50 price tag seemed a little steep for my situation - so I thought it through for a day or two. Then I was like - yeah, ok, let's support this also and buy it. However, _then_, I read about the licensing being tied to hardware. So now I'm like - ok, I can't easily "move it around", try out different multi-device setups on different platforms, ...etc. This was a big turnoff for me in my situation. If I was doing something related to usb-over-network sharing in my "day job", this wouldn't be an issue because I'd just have a server running this and it would pretty much never change. So, to me, the license model makes perfect sense there. It's just not great IMO for individual hobbyists.

Again, not really a "complaint" - just sharing a perspective.

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