Logitech G923 with VirtualHere+Steam Link on Bravia TV

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Logitech G923 with VirtualHere+Steam Link on Bravia TV


I'm trying to use my Logitech G923 wheel through VirtualHere with the Steam Link app on my Bravia Smart TV and am having a few issues.
Specifically, the Steam Link app recognizes the wheel, but it seems to think it's a gamepad, which causes much of the wheel functionality to be lost. For example, I have to turn the wheel almost entirely to the left or right in order for any motion to be recognized. Additionally, many of the buttons on the wheel are simply unable to be bound, as they automatically trigger other functions on the TV (e.g. the 'Y' button opens the Netflix app and cannot be rebound). I have both the Steam Link app and the VirtualHere USB Server app on the TV, as well as the VirtualHere for Steam Link app on my Steam account.

Any help to get this setup working properly would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Hi, i dont havethe g923 to test with yet in australia (it hasnt been released yet) so i cant provide any help sorry.

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