Multiple keyboards with Android Server

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Multiple keyboards with Android Server

I have the android server running on an Nvidia Shield (pro) and a second keyboard is not detected when connected, however it is able to control the Shield itself. Background - I like to use a logitech K400 for casual control and a corsair K63 lapboard for gaming. The workaround is simple enough, unplug one but of course would like to get to the bottom of the issue and find a fix. Is this a limitation on Androids part or VH? what confuses me is that the 2nd keyboard is able to control the system still.


Im not sure unfortunately.

But what i do know is that a USB device cannot be used on the server and client at the same time, so if virtualhere is using the device then it cant be used on the Android Device.

Anyway try this, plug both keyboards into the shield. Then in the virtualhere client right click on each and select Auto-Use device. Unplug both keyboards again and plug both in. They both should be redirected automatically to the client. Does that happen ok?

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