Multiple network interfaces - License issue [Resolved}

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Multiple network interfaces - License issue [Resolved}

*Issue has been resolved by VirtualHere Support (Thank you Michael)*

The Serial number for the VirtualHere Server is the Mac Address of an active Network Interface. An issue arises if you use a Load balanced team for multiple network interfaces (the serial number has the chance of changing upon restart, depending on the MAC if the first initiated interface).

We currently have 2x Qnap TS-853U-RP with 4 Network Ports Each.
One unit will change the serial number for VirtualHere upon each restart. Due to the serial number changing, the purchased license would not apply and would return the version to a trial (1 Device).

The License was able to be re-created by Michael, taking into account for the multiple mac addresses (license was 4 times longer than usual).

Upon closer inspection of the Qnap Unit, the "Network & Virtual Switch" program only lists 1 MAC address for Load balanced interfaces. This could be a limitation of the Qnap operating system as the OS would change the MAC Address of the Primary interface (to 1 of the teamed adapters) whenever a failover or restart is triggered.

Michael is currently looking into a solution, but there might be a limitation in the Qnap OS that is creating the issue.