No USB devices directly visible on the NAS

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No USB devices directly visible on the NAS

Hello dear support team, I have the following problem on my ASUSTOR NAS:
The client on my Windows 11 machine works and I can connect any USB device connected to my NAS include.
However, I would like to use USB devices directly on my NAS without virtualHere.
Even if I stop the VirtualHere Server on the NAS, I don't see any connected USB devices on my NAS in the interface. Neither in file explorer nor under external devices.
I can only use external hard drives via the VirtualHere Client on the Windows computer.
How can I solve this problem?
I would be very happy about an answer.
Thank you very much.


No you cant use the USB devices directly on the NAS without virtualhere because the NAS itself does not know how to communicate with most USB devices. It only knows how to communicate with a few USB devices (like disks and maybe a printer).

When you use virtualhere, the USB driver in windows knows how to communicate with the usb device and virtualhere passes the traffic back and forward to the USB device to control it.

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