Odroid-C2 server issues

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Odroid-C2 server issues


I'm trying to use VirtualHere with an Odroid-C2 as a server and a Windows 7 client.
Sharing of usb flash drives works pretty erratic. Windows doesn't detect them on the first try, but when it does I get very low transfer speeds of just about 600 kB/s.
When using a mouse there is a noticable delay and the movement is quite jerky.

I tried the generic builds for arm and arm64. No difference.

The network connection between client and server is good.
Using a raspberry pi2 as the server everything works flawlessly, so I think the problem lies within the odroid.
I'm using kernel 3.14.79-105.

Is anyone successfully using VirtualHere with an Odroid-C2 as a server?

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Hi Mario, i bought a C1 ages ago and it was really slow as well. Its their kernel, its just too buggy and old, i would recommend a board that that supports mainline or close to mainline...

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