Other controllers controlling my PC

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Other controllers controlling my PC

I am having a strange issue, to me at least, regarding my Xbox controllers downstairs controlling my PC when my device they are connected to is turned off. So I have an Nvidia Shield that I use a wireless Xbox dongle to simulate it being connected to my pc via VirtualHere. But all devices, mouse, and keyboard included will begin to control my PC even when I don't have the shield running, which I thought meant the VH part wasn't running and even with the server not open or running on my PC. Now I know this might be as simple as just unplugging the dongle, but there are headaches with reconnecting everything that happens when I do this on many occasions so I'd rather find another solution. Can someone help me understand why this is happening or through experience give me a solution? Thank you in advance!


My guess is that the devices are connecting directly to the bluetooth inside your pc when virtualhere is not running. Which is expected as they might have enough range/reception to do that if your pc is not too far away

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