QOS/DSCP in virtualhere packets?

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QOS/DSCP in virtualhere packets?

Does the virtualhere server put any QOS information in the packets it sends? The equipment I am using maps DSCP values in packets to QOS as follows

DSCP values (Decimal) => WMM AC
0 to 7 => Best Effort
8 to 23 => Background
24 to 31 => Background
32 to 47 => Video (except 46)
48 and above (and 46 since UniFi v.2.3,6) => Voice

It would be useful to be able to tell the virtualhere server what DSCP value to put into the packets so the router can prioritize the virtualhere packets. Please let me know is possible now or might be in the future. Thanks!


DSCP works at a different lower level the IP level , than TCP (which is what virtualhere uses).

So you need to use iptables to do this in linux, but i havent never used it so im not sure exactly how to set it up, but google turns up a few tutorials about it...

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