Reconnecting a device to be used by the server

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Reconnecting a device to be used by the server


I'm trying out Virtualhere with the server running on a freshly installed Raspberry Pi and the client on Mac OS X Sierra. It works fine with my mouse or my keyboard but I can't seem to find any clean way to make a device used by the client be used again by the server. For example, if the client starts using the mouse connected to the Pi, the only way I find for the Pi to use the mouse back again is to disconnect the client, shut-down the server and then unplug and reconnect the mouse. Is there a better way to do this ?

I'm really looking to use Virtualhere in conjunction with a remote desktop so I can use all the functionalities of my apple keyboard with all the proper keys and function buttons. However, as it is, it wouldn't work so well since the only way to regain control of the Pi with the keyboard is to reboot it (I can't kill the Virtualhere server on linux without pressing CTRL+C).


Hi, actually you need to set the parameter


In the server config.ini (stop and exit the vhusbd process before you edit this file)

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