RTL-SDR Dongle via Pi 4

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RTL-SDR Dongle via Pi 4

Hello, I normally try and exhaust all other options before I ask for help from support, but I know when to admit I'm defeated.

I'm having the same problem as this person: https://www.virtualhere.com/content/using-virtualhere-usb-rtl-sdr-dongle...

The host is a Raspberry Pi 4, (tried both the 4gb and 8gb models since I had both anyways) the USB device is a nooelec NESDR SMArt , This is a premium RTL-SDR clone based on the Realtek RTL2832U IC and purchased within the last 2 weeks. I'm using gigabit Ethernet on both the host and the client machine and throughout the network between the two.
The clients I tried are all fast machines (example an Intel 10750h mobile on gb ethernet)

The problem I am having sounds just like the previous person in the thread linked above. I am getting intermittent audio, it will stutter on a pretty regular interval about every second or two. I also have an SDRPlay RSPDX, and it works flawlessly over Virtualhere so far. I have also tried another Nooelec model, an NESDR SMArt XTR (same RTL2832U chipset the only difference is the tuner IC). It behaves the exact same way.

I also even tried to install the VirtualHere server on an i7 based laptop running a fully up to date install of Ubuntu. I get the same stutter every second or two. I'm admittedly not strong with linux yet and my Pi's are also new to me. The installs on the pi's were done using the "Installing default version" command on this page: https://github.com/virtualhere/script

The Ubuntu one was done manually using the link titled VirtualHere USB Server for Linux (AMD64) and should be the latest I assume ,since it was downloaded today. I'm not sure how else to convey the version of the hosts I've tried.

I'm going to try the windows server again, but I seriously doubt it'll be faster than the linux ones I've already tried, likely the opposite in fact. I know that this was working for others other the last few years, I've seen several posts on multiple sites, so I'm just not sure why I can't seem to get it stable.

Thank you for your time, I'll do my best to add any additional info, results of any other test etc. If you have any questions for me, just please be patient with my linux noobness, but I'll get anything I can for you, or try any suggestions.

Thanks again!


My best guess from experience is that chip has very small buffers so requesting the buffer regularly over a network connection will saturate the buffer and it will begin to drop packets. The newer IC's i suspect have bigger buffers and so they work fine. So that older chip wont work over virtualhere

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