Shield TV Issues with USB after VH use

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Shield TV Issues with USB after VH use

Hey there,
bought VH yesterday for my Nvidia Shield TV to get full accessibility with Mouse+Keyboard on my PC while using Gamestream(Keyboard shortcuts, Mouse Thumbbuttons etc.).
Works just fine and i'm very satisfied with the result.
But after a gaming session I close the connection to return control of Keyboard+Mouse back to my Shield because I like using those instead of the Shield's remote. The problem is, that after closing the connection the Keyboard+Mouse stop working. They don't control the PC anymore which is obvious but they also don't control the Shield. To get access to them back on my Shield i need to unplug them from the Shield and replug them. Then they work again.
I grinded through the forum today for a couple of hours but couldn't find anyone with the same issue.
It's not that annoying and I will get the hang of it if I must but I'd prefer an easier solution.
I hope anyone can help me. Just in case this doesn't have a fix I already ordered an USB-Hub with switches to turn on and of single Ports to make it more comfortable to regain access.

Thanks in advance!



Yes unfortunately that is a bug in android on the shield. It wont re-enumerate the USB device when virtualhere has finished with it. So you will need that power-cycled hub you ordered.

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