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Shield TV options

Hey all,

I recently decided to purchase a shield for use with Geforce Now games as it has just launched in Australia, however, due to lack of research, I decided to go with the regular non-pro Shield TV (2019). Of course, these devices don't have USB ports so I am now stuck with no ability for a local wireless mic when I play on it.

I heard Virtualhere could maybe help with this, so I figured I'd hook my wireless USB mic to my desktop and stream it to the Shield. Sadly I see there is no Virtualhere Client for the Shield TV, just the USB Server.

Is there any way to use Virtualhere in this manner? I could root the device, but I also read it that may not even work on the Shield.


No, its impossible because the sheild firmware needs to officially allow some kernel modules and since i dont control nvidia firmware so i cant turn that feature on. You could email nvidia and ask them to allow this. Perhaps they will listen if enough people ask them

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