Simultaneous access to USB devices

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Simultaneous access to USB devices


I see in various posts here in this Support section that a USB device cannot be shared by two computers simultaneously and that this is a limitation of how USB works.
However, I was looking for a solution to share our USB dongles and I came across this:
This claims that their solution allows simultaneous access for certain devices (HASP, CodeMeter, etc).
I don't like their pricing though, need to give my payment details before I can start a trial and I cannot run this on a Synology NAS so would need to keep a computer running 24/7 then as well...

Is there any chance that you can look into bringing such a solution into VirtualHere as well?
Please note, I am a very happy (paying) customer using VirtualHere for years already and referred it to various of my clients who bought it as well.
If this feature could/would be added then that would make it even perfecter ;-), and I wouldn't mind paying extra for it...

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No actually its not possible to use simultaneously.

Thats why software protection dongles use the USB protocol because its not possible to duplicate the USB protocol, and anyway i wouldn't support it even if it was possible because its not right.

I took a look at that website, and they are just eltima which is one of my competitors which have a way more expensive and worse product. They dont have any magic ingredients they are just a USB over IP product as well, and they are rebranding it to different segments

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