Sometimes have to re-enter IP and port in client

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Sometimes have to re-enter IP and port in client

I have a problem where I have to re-enter my host's IP and port into specify hubs on the client for it to connect. I'm connecting remotely, not locally.

When I go to specify hubs, there are usually many copies of my host's IP without the port. Adding the IP with the port (default 7575) will allow the client to connect.

Is there anything I can do to prevent having to do this? Sometimes I don't have to, but more often I do.


Sounds like a bug.

Can you do this

1. Stop and exit the virtualhere client
2. Download the latest
3. Start the client and right click USB Hubs->Advanced Settings->Defaults->RestoreDefaultSettings
4. When it restarts enter in the server ip address again.

If it duplicates again let me know.

(P.S Im assuming you are not on Steam which may add the server IP values automatically)

Thank you, this worked :)

Thank you, this worked :)

I was using the virtualhere for steamlink exe as that's how it was already installed.

Uninstalling, getting the latest .exe and restoring default setting appears to have fixed my issue completely.

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