Speed-Comparison: VirtualHere on Raspberry Pi vs Silex DS-600

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Speed-Comparison: VirtualHere on Raspberry Pi vs Silex DS-600

Due its compatibility and stability I would prefer to use VirtualHere (optimized / licensed) on Raspberry Pi 4 instead using Silex DS-600.

Software on Silex DS-600 is sometimes picky and not quite stable.

However, I made a speed comparison with following results:

Silex DS-600 USB-Server / Transcend 128 GB USB3 Stick: stable 120 MByte / Sec. (1,5 GByte file)

VirtualHere (optimized version / licensed) on Raspberry Pi 4 (USB3-Port) / Transcend 128 GB USB3 Stick: 35-40 MByte / Sec. (1,5 GByte file)

I am a bit surprised but I think, limitation is on side of Raspberry Pi 4. On the other hand, Silex DS-600 also uses a small linux system but seems at all much more powerfull regarding speed.

Is there a way to optimize something?


Can you test to see if it is

Can you test to see if it is the network stack or the USB that is the limit?

I know the pi USB had not been the best.

Are they both using the same WiFi channels?


OK i know the problem. That USB disk is probably using UAS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_Attached_SCSI) . VirtualHere doesnt support that at the moment.

For the speedtest I used this

For the speedtest I used this stick: https://de.transcend-info.com/Products/No-378
I couldn't find any informations about UAS /UASP compatibility of this stick in the datasheets. Testing was with disabled WLAN on Raspberry Pi 4.

USB3 on Raspberry Pi 4 supports UASP up to 296 MB/s according to this article: https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2020/uasp-makes-raspberry-pi-4-disk-io... . But even without UASP, Raspi 4 is mentioned to support up to 172 MB/s on large files.

Ethernet throughput of Raspi 4 is about 943 Mbps according to https://magpi.raspberrypi.org/articles/raspberry-pi-4-specs-benchmarks

During my extensive comparison between some SILEX USB device-servers and VirtualHere on Raspi 4 I noticed some interesting facts:

- VirtualHere is capable to work flawlessly with USB-Hubs, even with integrated hardware switches for each port. SILEX wasn't able to work stable in such scenario.
- VirtualHere recognized all tested, quite different USB-devices without even one failure

- VirtualHere works quite stable and reliable but seems to have in some scenarios drawbacks in speed
- We need more tests to compare non-UASP scenarios in relation to drawbacks of VirtualHere
- It would be great if VirtualHere will support UAS(P) in the near future


No you are confusing things. Its nothing to do with Pi4 UAS compatibility. UASP is used by that disk but it is not supported by virtualhere because bulk-streaming is not supported. UASP works on top of bulk-streaming. I dont get many requests for this so it hasnt been implemented.

Michael, thanks for your

Michael, thanks for your reply. I think, useres are'nt aware about this topic because most of them have no comparison to maximum possible speed. I am sure, that they all would like to get maximum speed regarding USB-based harddisks and sticks which are connected by VirtualHere.

Yes, I for one would LOVE

Yes, I for one would LOVE bulk-streaming since I could retire the silex. I have probably 4 virtualhere servers around the house and with my desktop in the garage and my office elsewhere in the house using HDMI extenders. I use both Silex (for performance) and VirtualHere for pretty much everything else.


OK yes im getting quite a lot of demand for this now so i will implement it soon...

My RPi4 is jumping with joy

My RPi4 is jumping with joy on the prospect of being fully utilized :-D


OK i implemented UASP support.

Can you:

1. Download and run (at least) version 5.1.8 of the windows client from here https://www.virtualhere.com/usb_client_software

2. Download and run (at least) version 4.2.8 of the Linux server from here https://www.virtualhere.com/usb_server_software

Then use the disk via VirtualHere, and then see if it uses UASP by opening Windows Device Manager->View - Devices By Connection ->VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host Controller and see if the UASP disk is listed under there.

Can you let me know now it goes...

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