Steam Link Version Not working as it Should

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Steam Link Version Not working as it Should

Hi, I have Bought VirtualHere for Steam Link With the DLC of Unlimited Clients, an i Have this Issue: after intalling the virtualhere client on my Phone to use in steam link it detects the dualshock 4 controller if I statr the virtual here server manually on my phone if not the controller dont apperar on the virtualhere section of steam link and when i start the stream the controller is conected but not fully conected to my pc theres vibration and i can control the light bar of the controller but I like to use it with DS4windows an it dont gets detected, the device manager says "device cant start, error Operation the request operation dint realize correctly", the I came up with a findig that helpme but is very anoying to do, first on my phone i set to start on boot virtualhere server on the phone, afther that I start Steam Link and start a stream, after that i finish the stream and launch a standalone version of the virtualhere client i put in a diferent folder than the one steam launches, when i do that the device connects to the pc and finaly it gets conected propertly to the pc and i can use DS4windows because it now detects the connection, it stays connected until I restart the phone, buy What i want to virtual here for steam link is that the connection of the controller is right on the first time i start my stream on steam link, hopefully you guys help me with this problem, aditionally ithese are my pc specs if this helps, and if you want a log file or something ask me for one (and also tellme where to see it) and I will send to you

Proccesor AMD FX6100
16GB 1600 MHZ
windows 10 version 20H2
Nividia 960GTX 2GB


Hi, can you email me and we'll see if we can get it working outside of steam and you can then uninstall virtualhere from steam and just run virtualhere yourself. I think the valve steamlink client is breaking the controller. Because when you start virtualhere outside of steam it all works and when you start it inside of steam the controller fails. So that means its some bug in the steam link app.

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