TPCast license re-use?

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TPCast license re-use?

I briefly owned a TPCast before returning it. I purchased a VH license for OpenTPCast, but I do not use it.
I do open source development writing remapping applications for HID devices, so at times I have a requirement to add support for a device that I do not own.
I am thinking that VH would allow me to potentially test code against a device that is remotely located.

My question is, will the TPCast license I already have allow me to do this?
If not, can I maybe upgrade the license to allow me to do this?
I am thinking not, as it seems that the server is licensed (Which is where the device is physically attached)?
If this is the case, are there any plans to support this scenario? I suppose it would be Unlicensed-server / Licensed-client?
Failing anything else, I take it that it would not be possible to "transfer" my server license to someone else, so I can connect to their server, then reclaim my license?


Sure, email me and i can move the license.

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