Transfer speed starts high then drops down

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Transfer speed starts high then drops down

Hello everyone,

I'm reaching you as I finally succeed to setup my VH Client and server and I'm now stuck with a transfer speed issue.
My configuration is :
A WD Elements 2 TB (USB 2.0) linked to my brand new Nvidia Shield.
My Nvidia Shield connected in Ethernet to my Internet Provider Router (10/100/1000)
My PC linked to my router as well in Ethernet.

Everything starts correctly and I see my WD as an USB drive on my PC

When copying-paste a file from my PC to my WD through my network/VI/Shield, transfer starts with really satisfying speed (around 80 MBps) but slowly it decreases to really low speed. Around 1 minutes later, the transfer runs at around 15 MBps.

Honnestly, I don't see why I would have any limitation and I guess I should have speed around USB 2.0 rate, meaning 30 to 60 MBps, which would be really good for me.

Do you have any idea of what I could to have better/stable speeds ?

Thanks a lot for your help, let me know if you need further information.



Its likely the cpu in the shield and to a lesser extent network latency is the bottleneck.

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