Troubles with Virtualhere on Shield TV with Gamestream/Moonlight/Steam Link

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Troubles with Virtualhere on Shield TV with Gamestream/Moonlight/Steam Link

Hi there

I purchased a full Android server licence for my Shield TV yesterday in an attempt to get my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel to work via Moonlight (or Gamestream/Steam link if I have to).

So far I've had no success and could use some pointers as to what I'm doing wrong.

I have the server app installed on the Shield and that seems to be working fine.
On the Windows 10 desktop I have the client software installed, and the wheel is showing up and I have marked it as in use, and installed the correct drivers.
I can then move the wheel and it shows up in the Logitech software. So far so good.

If I try and launch a game, or launch Steam via Moonlight though, the wheel doesn't function.
I've also tried via Gamestream and no luck.

As a last resort I tried Steam link. The Virtualhere option is under settings, and the wheel is set to be shared.
When launching a game though the wheel doesn't work.
To do this I dont have to of bought the Steam Link licenced version too do I?
I was hoping the Android server version would be all I needed.

Any help getting this working would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, no you dont have to buy the steamlink version also. In the virtualhere client when you can see the Android Hub listed, right click on the wheel and select "Custom Event Handler" and paste in exactly this line


then press ok and unplug/replug the wheel and try using it via virtualhere and let me know if it works ok..

I think that wheel requries a "reset" to be skipped but unfortunately on android it wont allow that .Try the onSetConfiguration change above and see if thats good enough to get it work

Michael will obviously be

Michael will obviously be more help than me, but I spent a whole fiddling with my setup this weekend on my shield after a server licence function and had similar issues to you. What options have you ticked in moonlight? You need to disable the option to use the moonlight 360 driver (which disables the next option too once turned off). I think moonlight tried to take over the device, stopping it from working with virtual here. The same may apply for your setup too! Good luck!

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