Ubuntu client - libusb can't configure/claim/bind to iphone

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Ubuntu client - libusb can't configure/claim/bind to iphone

This software is amazing and it works like charm for android phones.

It also looks like its working with Iphone (can be seen with lsusb, and vh says In-use by you), but libmobiledevice does not see Iphone attached.

Seems like its issue with libusb, it can't set configuration (below), is that solveable? Would it work if client was mac instead linux?

VirtualHere Host: MacMini 11.2.1, vh version: 4.2.5
VirtualHere Client: Ubuntu (v18.04 and v20.04)


[05:18:04.430][4] Found new device with v/p 05ac:12a8 at 5-13
[45.428360] [000525ad] libusb: debug [libusb_open] open 5.13
[45.428387] [000525ad] libusb: debug [usbi_add_pollfd] add fd 11 events 4
[45.428395] [000525ad] libusb: debug [libusb_get_configuration]
[45.428422] [000525ad] libusb: debug [sysfs_get_active_config] device unconfigured
[45.428428] [000525ad] libusb: error [op_get_configuration] device unconfigured
[45.428431] [000525ad] libusb: debug [libusb_get_configuration] active config 0
[45.428448] [000525ad] libusb: debug [sysfs_get_active_config] device unconfigured
[05:18:04.430][3] Could not get old configuration descriptor for device 5-13: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND
[05:18:04.430][4] Setting configuration for device 5-13, from 0 to 4
[45.428466] [000525ad] libusb: debug [libusb_set_configuration] configuration 4
[46.502246] [000525ad] libusb: error [op_set_configuration] failed, error -1 errno 1
[05:18:05.504][2] Could not set configuration 4 for device 5-13: LIBUSB_ERROR_OTHER
[46.502279] [000525ad] libusb: debug [libusb_close]


You might have better luck with a mac client although lately they have been a bit temperamental depending on the build of MacOS and iOS you are using.

At the moment, mixing OS's with iDevices doesn't work unless its windows (or Linux) server with a windows or Linux client . That usually works OK except for firmware upgrades of the iDevice

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