USB Audio device on MacOS 12.1

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USB Audio device on MacOS 12.1

I am trying to connect an USB Audio device ( Turtle Beach Amigo II) using VirtualHere client 5.2.7 on macOS 12.1 and server version 4.3.2 (on Debian). VirtualHere client shows I am connected to device, Turtle Beach USB Audio appear in " System Preferences > Sound -> output" ( also in input).

Here is the audio device model:

I setup this device in loopback (It's feeding output into its own input). When I try to play a audio file and record audio via Quick Time, I see audio is not playing ( no progress in play timeline) or recording. Also, I am facing similar audio playback issues when using a different program(MATLAB) on macOS 12.1 with VirtualHere client.

It works fine on Windows 10 VirtualHere client.

Can you provide any suggestions to get the device working ?

Thank you in advance


Audio is not possible to pass through (yet) for MacOS Monterey. I'll add support when Apple enables it. However Apple wont say when/if they will enable Audio/Video passthrough

Thanks Michael. Can you

Thanks Michael. Can you please post here once Apple enable Audio passthrough.

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