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USB Port Issues


Been having a recurring issue with my NVIDIA Shield and VirtualHere. It works perfectly for use with my game controller letting me play games streamed to the shield on the couch. However, my issue is with the other USB port. I have a 500 GB SSD in an external USB enclosure plugged into the port. Everytime I start up the shield I get a prompt asking if I want to let VH handle it to which I press cancel. I've tried going into VH and adding it to the list of ignored devices but it seems those settings reset everytime I start the device back up. I have both USB ports set to power down when the shield is sleeping for what it's worth.

Another issue with this SSD is that whenever I start up my PC, the SSD disappears from my shield and I get a message saying the drive has been disconnected. Frustrating thing is, I can't even see it in the list of devices in VH on my PC so I can tell VH to stop using virtualizing it on my PC. It just outright disappears from both the shield and is nowhere to be found on the PC.

I have the license and have VH running as a service for what it's worth. Would really appreciate any help here.


It seems like you are "Auto-Using all devices" Is that what you have selected in the VirtualHere client?

VirtualHere wont grab any devices if you dont manually select them in the client first. (Or use Auto-Use)

Try this - set the virtualhere client settings back to default and then see if that resolves the issue:

Right click USB Hubs->Advanced Settigns->Defaults->Restore Default settings and let it restart

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