Virtualhere on readonly system

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Virtualhere on readonly system


I try to install virtualhere on my ASUS router with Merlin firmware for remotely using my printer.
It has a readonly file system with only /jffs folder available for writing.

I start virtualhere with "-c /jffs/config.ini" parameter and it seems working.
But when my printer goes to sleep mode and then wakeup I can't see it in the client anymore.
In syslog I can see:
Error 30 creating device node at //_proc_bus_usb_001_007, Read-only file system
Oct 1 07:20:11 [785]: Error making device node at (null)

I found this:
"Error 30 means cannot open /sys/devices/platform/vhci_hcd/attach"

But I can't change write permissions.
How I can solve this?


I dont think you should use virtualhere on a read-only file system OR use openwrt or something that has a better kernel

Why not?

Why not?
It seems working solution except printer standby mode problem.
It will be solution if I can restart virtualhere when usb device is connecting to router but i can't see event for it in Server Event System.

Because the merlin kernel is

Because the merlin kernel is old and full of bugs, you need to be using at least a 4.4 kernel. Its your kernel that is removing the device file needed to communicate with the printer. This should work without issue. If you choose to use an old broken firmware you need to fix it yourself.

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