VirtualHere Server & Client on the same Windows PC

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VirtualHere Server & Client on the same Windows PC


I have two Windows PCs, WinA & WinB. I'm running VirtualServer on WinA and VirtualClient on WinB to share some USB devices over the internet.
There are cases when I want to reverse this configuration and access some USB devices from WinB on WinA. (Only WinA -> WinB OR WinB -> WinA, not both at the same time)
That means I will have to install VirtualHere Server on WinB where I already have installed VirtualHere Client and VirtualHere Client on WinA where I already have VirtualHere Server installed.
Now all is working as expected, I don't want to mess it with this install as I see already some ViirualHere USB Host Controller & Root Hub already present in Device Manager. Is it possible ?

Thank you!


Yes it should work ok

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