WiFi HID emulator

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WiFi HID emulator

Hi All
I've been trying to send some game pad keys, base on HID protocol to the computer by wifi link(ESP8266).
PC computer with OS like Microsoft Windows instantly make "HID-compliant game controller" driver with typical USB joystick , my question is, how make specific driver which is listen to IP message instead of USB port
I've actually prepared my server side with ESP8266 which can send any joystick data (buttons,pot,..) on websocket message , so on my laptop, wifi emulator should connect to specific IP and listen to websocket message, and upon any message pass it to generic HID-compliant game controller
I'm not sure, how to bind wifi message with HID driver on laptop but I find this site http://maxjoypad.com/ made similar software ,but unfortunately it is not opensource to modify it
any hint really appreciated


Im not familiar with that software but basically i dont think they are emulating things at the usb level, its too complicated.

What they are probably doing is just taking the android game api https://developer.android.com/training/game-controllers/ and then mapping those calls to the microsoft xinput api https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/xinput/xinput-game-cont... . They probably call a api somewhere in windows called create controller or addcontroller or something like that and then just send the data via wifi back and forward depending on what the user presses on their android phone.

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