Xbox One Wireless Adapter + Pad for PC

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Xbox One Wireless Adapter + Pad for PC


I'm trying to get my Wireless Adapter and Xbox One pad working with my nVidia shield and the android VirtualHere software. I've got it so that the adapter is recognised and installed by the client PC but every time I try to get the pad to connect, it turns on along with the adapter briefly before turning off. I'm not sure why as when connected to another device it pairs fine.

The actual PC is in a rack case well away from the living areas and I don't actually ever play directly on it so I haven't tried to pair it directly; should I be doing that or does the dongle just need to pair with the actual controller and the PC it does this through doesn't matter?




I have an xbox one adapter, dongle and this pad (

So i gave it another test, i connected the dongle to the shield tv, and send it via virtualhere. The keyboard worked fine.

Is this the pad you are using?

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