VirtualHere USB Server Changes (2.7.5 onwards)

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VirtualHere USB Server Changes (2.7.5 onwards)

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3.5.3 (19th Jan 2018)
* CloudHub - now turns off DHCPv6 server when in "participate" mode
* All platforms - an environment variable can be used for the DeviceNicknames setting in the server config.ini

3.5.2 (16th Jan 2018)
* CloudHub - now turns off DNS/DHCPv4 server when in "participate" mode
* All Platforms - added events "onAddReverseClient" and "onRemoveReverseClient"

3.5.1 (30th Dec 2017)
* Cloudhub - added VirtualHere cloudhub firmware for NEXX device

3.5.0 (18th Dec 2017)
* All platforms - improved elicenser not working issue

3.4.9 (12th Dec 2017)
* Linux - added optimized Cortex A15 vfp4 build

3.4.8 (25th Nov 2017)
* CloudHub - added support for Raspberry Pi Zero W

3.4.7 (16th Nov 2017)
* Added support for arm64 based QNAP NAS'es
* Fixed rare crash that occurs when the IP address of the server changes

3.4.6 (24th Oct 2017)
* CloudHub - WR902AC fixed radio becoming disabled after switching frequency and mode

3.4.5 (12th Oct 2017)
* All platforms, fixed regression bug from 3.4.1 that caused a crash (segfault) if a client disconnects without stop-using first

3.4.4 (10th October 2017)
* CloudHub - added ability to select frequency if device has multiple radios, (** Requires VirtualHere Client 4.3.1 or later **)

3.4.3 (3rd October 2017)
* Windows - fixed bug where service couldnt be installed from a directory with a space

3.4.2 (2nd Oct 2017)
* Windows - fixed regression bug from 3.4.1 which caused a crash when installing as a service

3.4.1 (1st Oct 2017)
* Windows - fix Service stop/start via net stop/start
* Windows - added -n argument to start with bonjour off, added -q argument when using -b to install/uninstall the service to not display any popup dialogs (e.g "Service has been installed")
* All platforms - improved performance over a WAN connection

3.4.0 (27th Sept 2017)
* All versions can now use reverse clients even with the free edition of the server
* OSX - added support for OSX 10.13

3.3.9 (23rd Sept 2017)
* Will now log the connection IP AND the connection number it was assigned in server log
* CloudHub - added the ability to manually specify the IP address (instead of defaulting to DHCP) when participating in a network

3.3.8 (5th Sept 2017)
* Android - Added support for Android Oreo
* Minor GUI changes in VirtualHere Windows & OSX Server

3.3.7 (8th August 2017)
* Added CloudHub support for the TL-WR902AC wireless travel router. This router has a 580Mhz CPU and 1T1R 433Mbps Wireless 802.11ac and 100Mbps ethernet
* Added server callback onDeviceIgnore this script will be called when a user tries to ignore a device on the server (e.g by clicking the "Ignore..." menu item) See here for more information

3.3.6 (21st July 2017)
* QNAP - added support for TS-X31/U, TS-X31+, TS-X31X/U, TS-X35X/U

3.3.5 (7th June 2017)
* VirtualHere CloudHub - added a Raspberry Pi3 image

3.3.4 (31st May 2017)
* VirtualHere CloudHub - added the ability to retrieve the server log by clicking the Advanced button -> Save Server Log in the CloudHub Configuration GUI

3.3.3 (26th May 2017)
* VirtualHere CloudHub - Fixed virtualhere server not starting on some cloudhub devices
* Bebop Drone - added a build for this Drone from Parrot
* Linux - added ability to power off/power on a USB port in an event handler using the string power_cycle_port in any of the Server Events

3.3.2 (14th May 2017)
* ReadyNAS - fixed minor permission issue being logged in syslog
* Linux - added parameter UseAvahiServiceFile . If set to 1, the VirtualHere Server will register itself with the built-in avahi-daemon on Linux Operating System. The default is 0 which means the VirtualHere server will use its in-built tiny avahi type server (mdns)

3.3.1 (12th May 2017)
* All platforms - when kicking a user off a device (using client 4.0.9 or later) and they have auto-use turned on, auto-use will now be turned off for that user. (Prevents the device being recaptured when it is remotely kicked when remotely auto-used)

3.3.0 (27th April 2017)
* Linux Server - Added ability to selectively deny the device rename functionality using the onChangeNickname event, exit 1 to deny the device rename, exit 0 or nothing to accept the rename
* Windows Server - fixed crash when enumerating a disabled device

3.2.9 (6th April 2017)
* Minor fix to the synology installation script

3.2.8 (7th March 2017)
* Added support for WD My Cloud NAS devices

3.2.7 (28th Feb 2017)
* Windows - will wakeup a sleeping device so it can be enumerated correctly and captured if required

3.2.6 (22nd Feb 2017)
* Windows - if the device could not be captured because its currently in use by the server then an error message will now be displayed instead of a reboot being required.

3.2.5 (21st Feb 2017)
* All platforms - fixed regression bug from 3.0.9 where an eLicenser wouldnt work via virtualhere in the windows client (it worked on osx however). Now it works on all client platforms again

3.2.4 (17th Feb 2017)
* Linux - added ClaimPort to specify the port to claim from the linux kernel so that no configuration is set when the device is plugged in waiting to be used by virtualhere. This is useful for some devices that are sensitive to having configuration 1 set on connection. The usage is ClaimPort=<address>[,<address>,...] e.g ClaimPort=112,113 will claim port 2 and 3 on hub at address 11. (Note; there is an existing setting ClaimPorts (plural) that will claim all ports on all hubs plugged into the server)

3.2.3 (2nd Feb 2017)
* Linux - Workaround for multihomed servers without serial number

3.2.2 (23rd Jan 2017)
* Linux - fixed bug which only reattached first USB interface to a driver when using AutoAttachToKernel . It will now reattach the driver to the whole device as required.

3.2.1 (12th Jan 2017)
* Linux - fixed bug when used in combination with the VirtualHere OSX client that prevents some devices from correctly completing a CLEAR HALT

3.2.0 (12th Jan 2017)
* Linux - if avahi daemon stops or crashes the VirtualHere server will automatically reregister itself again so auto-find continues working
* Raspberry pi - fixed bug, if switching between raspbian or another os the license key would become invalid, this bug is now fixed so you can keep using the same license key whatever the OS

3.1.9 (6th Dec 2016)
* Windows - Fixed (regression) bug in win64 virtualhere server that prevented it from download additional drivers as needed
* Windows - Fixed unexpected device disconnection that occurred occationally when using/unusing device rapidly

3.1.8 (5th Dec 2016)
* Fixed bug that caused the server to disconnect all client connections when the server time is changed

3.1.7 (18th November 2016)
* Fixed regression bug from 3.1.0 that caused a server crash when using the windows client and certain devices

3.1.6 (17th November 2016)
* Always issue clear halt/reset ep when inflight urbs (was turned off in 3.1.0)

3.1.5 (15th November 2016)
* Updated to openssl 1.0.1u

3.1.4 (10th November 2016)
* Fixed minor memory leak regression from 3.1.0
* Fixed ClientIdMap functionality regression from 3.1.0

3.1.3 (8th November 2016)
* Linux Server - Fixed regression bug in 3.1.0 that may have caused a disconnect device event to cause a crash if not using the latest systemd-udevd

3.1.2 (8th November 2016)
* Linux Server - Fixed regression bug in 3.1.0 that may have caused a usb reset device command to be skipped or a crash occur

3.1.1 (5th November 2016)
* Fixed regression bug in 3.1.0 that caused a SEGV when starting the server and removing a device

3.1.0 (3rd November 2016)
* Large performance improvements with multiple devices on a server with multiple cores for all platforms! (This is a very large change to the codebase internally so it may take a few builds over the next week or so to iron out any bugs)
* Added server configuration parameter ReverseClientsRetryPeriod to set the time between the server trying to connect to reverse clients. (Default is 15 seconds)

3.0.9 (18th October 2016)
* Slightly improved performance for Linux Optimized builds, OSX and Windows server binaries
* Added optimized build for pi3 (cortex-a53 , neon-fp-armv8)

3.0.8 (6th October 2016)
* All builds - added configuration setting ReverseClientsPort which is the default TCP port the server uses to contact remote clients. The default if not specified is port 7573

3.0.7 (28th September 2016)
* Windows Server - fixed windows 7 driver installation "Same name" error that sometimes occured
* Windows Server - fixed "Address" not found error when trying to use device

3.0.6 (24th September 2016)
* Windows Server - fixed bug which prevented reverse clients from working

3.0.5 (11th September 2016)
* Windows Server - added support for libusb based drivers
* Windows Server - added support for 32-bit Windows
* QNAP - added support for upcoming 64-bit QNAP NAS'es

3.0.4 (30th August 2016)
* All platforms - updated openssl to 1.0.1t
* Android server - fixed permission issue in Android 7.0 Nougat

3.0.3 (27th August 2016)
* Windows Server - added support for more devices

3.0.2 (17th August 2016)
* Windows Server - updated driver which fixes a control pipe clear halt issue

3.0.1 (16th August 2016)
* Windows Server - added support for sharing Bluetooth USB adapters

3.0.0 (29th July 2016)
* All platforms - added the ability to control who can kick off a user from a device when in administrator mode. See here

2.9.9 (26th July 2016)
* Windows Server - added support for sharing Network devices and XBox one wireless dongle

2.9.8 (5th July 2016)
* Windows Server - added support for sharing COM and LPT ports

2.9.7 (3rd July 2016)
* Windows Server - fixed -u argument that uninstalls all server drivers
* Windows Server - added support for capturing Image class USB devices

2.9.6 (30th June 2016)
* All platforms - fixed AllowedDevices config.ini setting that wasn't working unless IgnoredDevices was set as well. These settings are now independent

2.9.5 (25th June 2016)
* Windows server - added support for capturing Windows Portable Devices (e.g canon telescope)

2.9.4 (23rd June 2016)
* Windows server, fixed ignored devices werent being ignored
* All platforms, ignoring three or more devices was not saved to the settings

2.9.3 (17th June 2016)
* Windows Server, fixed crash when disconnecting a device while its still in use

2.9.2 (15th June 2016)
* Windows Server, added support to capture HID devices and Smart card reader devices as well as standard USB devices

2.9.1 (14th June 2016)
* Windows Server - added batch events for quirks and client/authorization/deauthorization. These events are identical to the linux bash script but use batch files instead

2.9.0 (13th June 2016)
* Windows Server - driver is now installed in Add/Remove programs (and automatically updated if required)
* Windows Server - fixed bug which prevented devices without server side drivers from being captured
* Windows Server - the -r argument will be passed through if installed as a service

2.8.9 (4th June 2016)
* Windows Server - fixed bug that would keep disconnecting/reconnecting device without server side driver
* Linux Server - added argument $NUM_BINDINGS$ that can be used when calling ClientAuthorization script

2.8.8 (2nd June 2016)
* Windows Server - fixed device occasionally jamming when being captured
* Windows Server - fixed bug that occasionally caused a device name to appear as a product id instead, when the usb device attached to the server was asleep (power saving mode)

2.8.7 (31st May 2016)
* Windows Server - improved running as a service

2.8.6 (29th May 2016)
* Windows server now displays real-time log (Right click Settings...->View Log)
* Windows server now logs to Windows Event Log by default
* Windows Server - implemented running as a service. To install as a service type vhusbdwin64.exe -b (to uninstall the service, run the same command again)
* Windows Server - if a devices fails to be captured this will be displayed in the log
* Windows Server - if invalid arguments are passed when starting, a Error dialog is displayed
* Updated server icons to new virtualhere company logo
* Added Sandy Bridge x86_64 optimized build for Linux
* Android Server - will now remember USB authorization between device restarts

2.8.5 (25th May 2016)
* Added Windows server (BETA)
* Slightly improved performance when accessing many devices simultaneously
* Synology - fixed webpage help link in DSM 5.2
* Added support for DSM 6.0 and added to synology app store
* Fixed OSX server regression not starting on osx 10.8.
* Fixed trial timeout on osx server (there is no trial timeout with unlicensed servers, just a limit of one device sharing)

2.8.4 (28th April 2016)
* Size of mips(el) builds are significantly reduced to allow better fitting inside small portable router flash
* Added vendor id/product id to bound/unbound messages in syslog to allow easier tracing of device usage via syslog

2.8.3 (14th April 2016)
* OSX VirtualHere server now supports devices with up to 31 interfaces (previous limit was 7)
* Added server parameter ClientIdMap to map client ids to nicknames (see here)

2.8.2 (13th April 2016)
* Fixed licensing issue on multi-homed servers

2.8.1 (4th April 2016)
* OSX VirtualHere server will automatically disable usbmuxd and pace services when running as sudo so that iDevices and iLoks can be more easily shared from an OSX machine. When the server is stopped these services are reenabled

2.8.0 (1st April 2016)
* Significantly improved set configuration quirks e.g iPad/iPhone/iDevice compatibility when running through iDevice remote firmware update via virutalhere

2.7.9 (29th March 2016)
* Updated openssl to 1.0.1s
* Added config setting HideClientInfo to not display in-use client information to other clients (requires client 3.5.3 or later)
* Added synology router AC1900 and armada38x builds for synology products

2.7.8 (14th March 2016)
* Fixed file descriptor leak when using SSL and SSL session cannot be established with the client
* Added support for ARM64 (aarch64) ARM 64-bit cpu's (armv8-a)

2.7.7 (8th March 2016)
* Synology - virtualhere server will now ignore the internal flash storage containing synology firmware as this should not be shared via virtualhere.
* Synology - temporarily removed default onBind event code for synology that auto-unbinds a disk

2.7.6 (4th March 2016)
* Added event onChangeNickname that will be triggered when the client changes a device nickname

2.7.5 (2nd March 2016)
* Added an OEM

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