USB Server

The VirtualHere USB Server shares USB devices over the network. The server runs entirely in userspace, therefore it is inherently more stable than kernel based solutions. VirtualHere was the first company to create this entirely userspace USB server. No compilation or kernel modules are required, and now VirtualHere has innovated again! The server is entirely statically complied, no linux run-time libraries are required at all on the server! The server can be run as a console only daemon, for easy integration into run-level scripts. Diagnostic messages are output to syslog.

VirtualHere is perfect for OEM integration because:

Installation is simple, figure out the architecture of your server device (for example x86_64), then on the linux server device:

  1. wget (e.g for x86_64 intel architecture)
  2. chmod +x ./vhusbdx86_64 (to make that file executable)
  3. sudo ./vhusbdx86_64 -b (to run it in the background)

See FAQ here

VirtualHere will run on any edition of linux including Scientific Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, OpenSuse, Angstrom, Android, Raspbian, Debian, OpenWRT....

The trial version of the server will allow you to share 1 device without time restrictions. To share more devices or resell VirtualHere on your own device, please purchase a license

Version 2.0.7 (Changes)

The server is also available on Google Play for Android

Dont forget to download the client

Virtualhere Server can be compiled for other platforms, contact