Android USB Server

The VirtualHere system allows you to use USB devices remotely through the network, even though the USB device stays plugged into your Android server. The device appears as if it was directly connected to the remote PC.

Thousands of people use this app to greatly improve their game streaming experience

Because VirtualHere transmits the controller signals exactly as intended (without any interference from Android) the device works exactly as if it was plugged into your PC or Cloud Gaming PC. You can even use a USB Bluetooth adapter via VirtualHere so Bluetooth devices work perfectly, and most steering wheels, headsets, gaming mouses, joysticks and game controllers work great with VirtualHere!
VirtualHere is optimized for all Android devices because it is a compiled program (written in C, not Java) so latency is minimized, performance is maximized and multiple cores of the CPU are used.

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VirtualHere USB Server for Android is particularly useful with:

VirtualHere USB Server for Android is available at

Purchase a license

1. License -> On Sale 50% off!
2. Start your VirtualHere Client -> Right Click USB Hubs -> License... -> Copy to Clipboard
3. Paste in here -->
4. Click ->
5.After purchasing you will immediately receive an email containing your registration key.

If you have any issues, post a question in the Support Forum