OSX USB Server

VirtualHere USB Server works on from OSX 10.8.5 all the way up to 11 Big Sur (Intel AND SILICON!)

Remotely access your iLok, printer, disk, iPhone, USB-Serial device and most USB devices connected to your Mac remotely over the network, just as if the device was connected directly!

To Install:

(NOTE FOR OSX SILICON/BIG SUR YOU MUST BE USING AT LEAST 11.3 BETA AND YOU MUST TURN OFF SIP USING csrutil disable from the Mac Recovery Terminal. There is a permissions bug in OSX which doesnt show a Permission dialog to approve a kernel extension. OSX Intel does not have this issue, See Here)

  1. Download VirtualHereServer.dmg for Intel Macs OR VirtualHereServerSilicon.dmg for Silicon Macs (Version 4.2.8)
  2. Open the DMG and drag VirtualHereServer to Applications
  3. Double click the VirtualHereServer icon in Applications, the server will now run and share any USB devices connected to your Mac over the network
  4. Click the Minimize button to run it in the System Tray, Click the Close button to exit the Server

Dont forget to download the USB Client software to remotely use the USB device on the clients!

The trial edition is restricted to sharing one device at a time. Purchase a license to remove this limitation