Network Attached Storage Devices

VirtualHere will turn your NAS into a USB server, now you can remotely access USB devices that are plugged into your NAS. Most USB devices (including Multi-function Printers, scanners, webcams, disk drives, Security Dongles, USB Speakers, Fingerprint readers, USB to Serial converters and so on) are compatible and can be used over the network. No more compatibility problems or feature limitations with Multi-function printers or scanners, VirtualHere will enable your NAS to work with multi-function devices.

Version 4.6.5 (Changes)



VirtualHere USB Server for QNAP is available in the QNAP App Center directly inside the QTS interface on your NAS, or you can download directly from here:

  1. Click the link above to download the file
  2. Bring up the QNAP Web Interface
  3. Click App Center
  4. Install Manually
  5. Click Browse and select the file downloaded previously
  6. Click Install




Choose the file below for your DSM version and manually install in the DSM by clicking Package Manager -> Manual Install

DSM 7 -> Note - updates will appear in the DSM Package Center if/when available

DSM 6 -> downloaded here





VirtualHere USB Server for ASUStor is available directly inside App Central in the ADM interface, or you can download the server directly from here:

  1. Bring up the ADM web interface
  2. Click Apps Central
  3. Click Manual Install
  4. Click Browse and select the file downloaded above
  5. Click Upload

After approximately 10 seconds the server will be installed and started.


See the FAQ here

Dont forget to download the client

The trial version of the server will allow you to share 1 device for 10 days. If you find the software useful and want to share more devices, please purchase a license here