VirtualHere Privacy Policy

VirtualHere Pty. Ltd. is incorporated in the state of Queensland, Australia ABN:12168518796 ( and follows Australian Law.

VirtualHere Pty. Ltd. does no marketing, so there is nothing collected for this purpose and only the most basic details are recorded about customers/users. As a result our Privacy Policy is very simple:

  • When browsing the VirtualHere website, only one cookie is used to detect javascript browser support. Website logs are stored for a few weeks which identify IP addresses visiting this website. Website logs are taken to help prevent Denial-of-Service issues
  • VirtualHere Pty. Ltd. does not record or store any audio/video/data from the VirtualHere USB Server or Client. There is no data connection between the VirtualHere USB Server and any VirtualHere Pty. Ltd. computer
  • VirtualHere only stores customer email address's when purchasing. All credit card processing is performed by 3rd Party processing companies -> (or PayPal) and no purchasing information is stored by VirtualHere Pty. Ltd. other than the transaction number and the VirtualHere Server serial number purchased
  • When using EasyFind the user's VirtualHere Server and Client local ip addresses are logged to enable the EasyFind VPN connection to be initiated. However no data is recorded or even passes through VirtualHere systems because data is transmitted directly between Server and Client immediately after the EasyFind connection negotiation completes