Aimtrak light gun - absolute mode compatibility

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Aimtrak light gun - absolute mode compatibility

i'm using a licensed pi3 optimized server to run various controllers to my win10 PC client. The majority are running fine.
Ultimarc's Aimtrak lightgun is giving me trouble, however. it is registered in the client software, and appears as both a HID mouse in device manager, and as a controller in the windows gamepad manager.
The gun works as a mouse, but doesn't move the pointer when connected via vh, and it's buttons are not being registered as mouse clicks.
I've read that it works in absolute mode.
can you offer any suggestions for getting it working?


Yes you could try this

unplug the gun from the pi3.

pkill vhusbdarmpi3
vi config.ini

add the line


save and exit vi (escape :wq)
Reboot the pi and start the virtualhere server on the pi
Now plug in the gun.
In the virtualhere client, right click on the gun and select Custom Event Handler... and enter


then press OK. Now try to use the gun via virtualhere and see if that fixes the problem.

Did you ever have any success

Did you ever have any success with this? I could never get mine to work with VirtualHere for Steamlink, and now I have the same results you describe with VirtualHere for Android on my Nvidia Shield TV. It would be so cool if I could get it to work!

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