Any benefit to 10 GigE networking?

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Any benefit to 10 GigE networking?

I've been testing out some high bandwidth USB boards with USB 3.0 support on a 4.9.0 kernel Linux x64 server and a Windows 10 client. I gave them a wired 1 GigE connection directly between them. The speeds were way better than the tests I ran over USB 2.0 but still slower than a direct connection. My question is:

Assuming these are the speeds in an ideal world, is my 1 GigE network a bottleneck?
USB 2.0: 480 Mbit/s
USB 3.0: 5 Gbit/s

Does anybody have experience with 10 GigE or know whether there's enough of a benefit to warrant buying a couple of cards to test it out with?


I havent got any feedback about this, but i suspect it would provide better performance. (I think the CPU would then become the bottleneck).

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