Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5 / 14.0 dongle does not work

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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5 / 14.0 dongle does not work

I bought a license for putting my DaVinci Resolve dongle on my QNAP Intel NAS for avoiding the risk of loosing it when I travel.

I installed the trial version and started testing. The application opens, I can create a project, save and edit it. So I bought a full license.
I completed my setup by adding an SSL certificate and so SSL client certificates.

But now I saw that it does not work. DaVinci Resolve is a non linear video editing software. My problem is when I want to "deliver" my sequence (i.e.: convert it to a final format) it delivers sequences with terrific artefacts. Obviously it does not appear when the dongle is local.
Sample artefact
I do not know if it worked with a previous version, because here in Blackmagic Resolve official forum someone told that it worked. But I don't know the version nor the platforms.
Thank you for your help

My server is a QNAP TS-869L (intel)
My client is a MacBook Pro 15 touch
The dongle appears in VirtualHere client as:
PRODUCT ID: 0x0201
SERIAL: 47************D9

I made a test with the same

I made a test with the same Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14.0 beta 2 but under Windows 10 and latest VirtualHere client. It works so it might be a MacOS client bug.


I have been hearing reports 10.12.3 or 4 has trouble with some devices via virtualhere. This isnt fixable until apple resolves the issue unfortunately so i think you may need to use win10 for the time being...


I upgraded to 10.12.5 with the same result

Actually you need to

Actually you need to backgrade, e.g 10.10 etc. Anyway is it ok to use windows, otherwise i can give you a refund. Its strange that the dongle causes that, as usually dongles are just used for licensing rather than actual processing. Does the dongle do anything more than licensing?


If you want to make a test I can organize it.

I would be interested in

I would be interested in trying it in osx 10.10.5, send the details to (you can add a reverse client to your server and that can connect back to my office and ill run it in 10.10.5) If it works on 10.10.5 then its definately an osx bug and i cant do much about it, if it doesnt work in 10.10.5 then i might be able to fix it...

Edit: I also have 10.12.6 beta i can try it on to see if it works on the upcoming osx..

Has this been fixed?

Curious to know if this has been fixed?? Thanks!


People are saying it works ok, nothings changed in virtualhere, so apple might have fixed something, give it a try and see

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